Eight Great Culinary Tools That You Will Find at a Restaurant Supplier

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If you want to expand your culinary horizons, you need the right tools. Visit a professional restaurant supply store to find items that may not be available in the kitchen section of your big-box chain store. Look for some of these high-grade tools for your own home!

Eight professional culinary tools that you will want in your kitchen are:

1. A rasp. A rasp is a fine-grater that works for things like spices (nutmeg or ginger) as well as for zesting citrus, such as lemon or lime. These have a very-fine texture that gently erodes the item that you rub against the metal surface, with a hand-held grip for easy maneuvering.

2. Steel-forged knives. Chefs love steel-forged knives due to their durability, longevity, and quality. You may find that buying a steel-forged chef's knife, you will never need to replace or buy another again.

3. Sharpening stones. If you are going to spring for high-quality knives, you need a decent sharpening stone to keep them sharp. Check out the selection of stones at a restaurant supply store to find the perfect size for your kitchen or knife-block, and to ensure your knives stay razor-sharp.

4. A wine-aerator. Wine needs a little oxygen, or aeration, to reach its pinnacle of flavor. A wine aerator ensures you reach that peak. These will oxygenate your bottle of wine while you worry about other things, like finding your favorite wine glasses.

5. A cherry pitter. Don't stain your hands pitting cherries for your favorite recipe; instead, invest in a stainless cherry pitter. These are easy to use, and they pit the cherries perfectly for you, leaving the rest of the fruit intact.

6. Cooking torch. A cooking blow torch is simply a more manageable, slightly smaller torch that is used in the kitchen. This tool if for far more than just crème Brulee. Try this to give steaks a caramelized finish or to quick-grill fresh veggies. Your restaurant supply store should also sell the small propane refills needed to give your torch its flame.

7. Cast-iron pans. Wondering if all the stories about cooking with cast-iron are true? You bet! A cast-iron pan gets much better heat-distribution during cooking, which equates to a better finished product at mealtime.

8. A ricer. A ricer is used to mash or rice potatoes for a palatable texture that won't turn gummy. These resemble a stainless-steel strainer, but you turn a small hand-crank to process the potatoes after they are cooked tender. These may also be used in making things like applesauce or even baby-food.

These eight items also make excellent guests for anyone that loves to get in the kitchen and show off their cooking skills. Check out a restaurant supply store or site to find these culinary tools that you will not want to be without.


12 April 2017

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