7 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Catering

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Cutting your wedding catering expenses does not mean you have to cut your dinner options down to sandwiches and chips. It is still possible to provide your guests with a delicious menu without going over budget. To help you accomplish that, here are a few choices you can make to stay within budget.  

  1. Use waiters to serve appetizers. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to allow guests to get their own appetizers. They are more likely to fill up their plates, and if you are serving pricier appetizers, the cost can add up. A waiter can help regulate how much each guests receives.  

  2. Serve foods in non-traditional vessels. You can make your food appear more expensive than it actually is by using non-traditional vessels to serve. For instance, you can place macaroni and cheese in martini glasses. You can conserve on the amount served without compromising on the aesthetics.  

  3. Make your wedding cake the dessert. Serving different desserts at your reception is a nice idea, but it can be costly. You can still ensure guests get a sweet treat if you and your new spouse cut the wedding cake and serve it after the main course.  

  4. Opt for a Mexican food station. Mexican food tends to be less expensive than American cuisine and offers a wide range of different foods that your guests will love. You can even save by opting for an Asian food station, too. 

  5. Serve a cold starter. Although you might want to kick off the reception dinner with a hot starter, it takes equipment to keep the food warm. The equipment use adds to the cost of your catering bill. By contrast, a cold starter only needs to be refrigerated and served.  

  6. Choose vegetables that are in-season. Vegetables that are not in-season are more expensive to serve. Talk to the caterer about local vegetables that are in-season that will fit in with your ideas for the wedding menu. 

  7. Eliminate a course or two. Even though some couples opt for a five-course meal for their guests, you do not have to. A three-course meal is enough to ensure your guests are well-fed and that your budget is not stretched to the limit.  

Talk to your wedding caterer about other changes you can make to your menu to make it more budget friendly. He or she can help pinpoint services that will stretch your budget and offer alternatives. 


13 April 2017

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