Plan A Pleasurable Pizza Party

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If you will be hosting a pizza party at your home to celebrate your child's birthday, consider using the following ideas when planning the event. As a result, your child, family members, and friends will relax and enjoy themselves while indulging in pizza that contains a variety of toppings. 

Set Up A Pizza Making Station

Purchase aprons, chef hats, and rolling pins for the guests to utilize while they are preparing pizza. Purchase pre-made dough or prepare dough on your own. Arrange platters of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and any other toppings that you prefer on a table inside of your kitchen.

During the party, allow guests to take turns creating mini pizzas. Assist with placing the pizzas in your oven and removing them after they are cooked. Place all of the pizzas on a serving cart and push the creations outdoors, along with beverages, dinnerware, cups, and utensils. 

Use A Pop Up Canopy For Dining

Set up a pop-up canopy that has a screen enclosure in part of your yard. Arrange tables and chairs underneath the canopy so that attendees will have plenty of room to sit while they are enjoying pizza. Place the finished pizzas, beverages, and dinnerware on an empty table. Cut the pizzas into slices and allow each guest to select the ones that they would like to consume.

Guests will enjoy trying a variety of toppings and may find that they have found some new favorites once they have finished their meals. Place leftovers inside of insulated pizza delivery bags so that slices will remain warm while everyone is outdoors relaxing, playing, or mingling with others. 

Provide Guests With Pizza Bags That ContainTheir Creations

Before the birthday party comes to a close, allow guests to select some of the leftover slices of pizza to bring home in one of the insulated pizza bags. Assist with packing each of the bags and use a permanent marker to write each individual's name on a self-adhesive label before affixing the labels to the outside of the corresponding pizza bags.

The special "goody bags" will prevent the pizza from making a mess inside of an individual's vehicle or accidentally dropping on the ground. The recipients of the bags may also find that the insulated sacks come in handy during future events that require keeping food inside of a protective container to prevent it from getting cold or being exposed to moisture. To learn more, contact a company like A + Bags LLC


13 April 2017

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