Popular Examples Of Meals That Will Allow You To Stay On Your Diet While Eating At A Mexican Restaurant

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If you have been making good dietary choices and are on your way to your target size or weight, it can seem disastrous when you're asked to meet someone at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, over the years Mexican food has often gotten a bad reputation for not providing the healthiest dining options, but the good news is that you can get around that issue when you know what to avoid. The following items are easy examples of healthy foods that are found in most Mexican restaurants, so you will not be sitting at the table pretending to enjoy diet soda and wilted lettuce as your meal while those around you enjoy their meals.  

Anything With Avocado

Avocado is unique among other fruits due to its high amount of fat and protein. While it might be your first instinct to run away from the fat content, it's important to note that in this instance, you should run towards it. That is because the fats in avocado are actually quite healthy and the combination of protein and fat can allow you to feel fuller faster.

In addition, avocados contain high levels of protein, so it is a good idea to include avocados in your order at the restaurant. By themselves, they make a good dip and if you order vegetables with it, you can avoid the hazards of more common typical chips and dips or nachos.          

Choose The Salad

Another option to consider is the salad, accessorized with lean protein and fresh vegetables that allow you to ignore the need for dressing or fried anything. While you are undoubtedly familiar with grilled chicken, it can get a little boring, especially when you're eyeing your co-worker's deep-fried shrimp taco.

However, is easy to forget that if the restaurant serves shrimp or fish tacos, they can probably get them for you ala carte. Therefore, it's a better idea to order a salad with all of the fresh veggies you can find and get an order or two of grilled shrimp or fish to put on top of the masterpiece. If you are low-carbing it, that is a great time to add lots of grated (not sauced!) cheese with your bell peppers and mushrooms. If you're on a low-fat diet, the different vegetables and seafood can help you to avoid the temptation of dressings and cheese.    

In conclusion, Mexican restaurants are known for serving generous portions of delicious food...in a variety of heavy sauces and cheeses.  Fortunately, you will find that there are many delicious dining options available to choose from that will still permit you to adhere to your food plan at most Mexican restaurants. Above are common and examples of those options. Check with companies like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering.


18 April 2017

Delicious, Nutritious Berries

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