4 Features To Look For When Choosing An Indian Restaurant Franchise To Invest In

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There are a variety of benefits to becoming a franchise owner of a place like Deccan Spice, such as the opportunity to take advantage of optimal purchasing power while enjoying minimal financial risk overall. Everybody must eat, and many people appreciate the chance to experience ethnic cuisines at least occasionally, so it makes sense to invest in an Indian restaurant franchise for your community. Here are a few important features to look for when searching for the right franchise to buy into:

Menu Tailoring

One of the most important features the franchise you decide to invest in should offer is the opportunity to tailor the menu to meet the expectations and preferences of your specific community. Being able to customize your menu will help to better set your restaurant apart from the competition and create a unique identity among fellow franchisees.

Maybe you want to add cilantro to your samosas instead of mint, or include chickpeas as a special ingredient in your lentil dhal. If you want to make small culinary changes to the franchise menu and even feature one or two original house dishes, you should be able to do so without getting any special permission. Ask each prospective restaurant franchise you consider investing in to provide you with their menu tailoring processes, rules, and regulations in writing so you can compare them and decide which opportunities are likely to offer you the most flexibility.

On-Site Training

Another important feature to look for when choosing an Indian restaurant franchise to invest in is on-site training options. The franchise you buy into should already have a solid training program in place which will help ensure that everyone from your cooks and dishwashers to your wait staff and managers are all on the same page and have the training they need to properly do their jobs, thereby optimizing overall production. Make sure that the franchise you choose to invest your time and money in offers a complete on-site training program and will send the trainers, materials, and support tools needed for the process. You should be able to gain access to an outline of the training material before having to make a financial commitment to buy into any franchise you're interested in.

Marketing Support

You should never be on your own when it comes to marketing your franchise restaurant once it's up and running, as the franchise owner should provide you with everything you need to brand yourself and increase community interest. Things such as business cards, magazine and newspaper advertisements, online social media campaigns, and promotional sale event posters should all be provided to you as part of the franchise support network that you have access to as a franchise owner. Professional photos of the menu items that are common on the franchise's menu should also be provided so you can feature them in your menus, on advertisements, and in your storefront window. Customers are more likely to order the more expensive Tandoori chicken dish if an attractive picture accompanies its description in the menu

Data Analyzation

While you need to maintain full control over your franchise restaurant's data, it's a good idea to choose an opportunity that does a lot of the leg work and simply sends you the analyzed data so you can quickly utilize the information to improve productivity and increase profits. The franchise's corporate office should be able to take information from you such as which dishes are being sold, what hours most customers are visiting your restaurant, tip totals for the wait staff, and the number of gift certificates sold throughout the year and in turn provide you with a detailed analysis of what seems to be working and what needs to be changed. At the very least, the franchise you buy into should include the tools you need to digitally manage and analyze your restaurant's information on your own.


24 April 2017

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