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Some people think of sushi as some rice with some raw fish on top. However, there is so much more to sushi than that. There are many different kinds of sushi out there, including many local or regional styles that most people outside of Japan will probably never try. 


Sashimi has no rice at all. It is just the piece of seafood, all by itself. Sashimi is most often raw, but some places will offer sashimi that has been cooked for just a few moments. While there are a lot of different kinds of sashimi, tuna and salmon are two of the most common. 


Nigiri is a type of sushi that has a topping that is usually shellfish or fish placed on top of the sushi rice. The rice of a nigiri roll is generally formed into the shape of a rectangle. While nigiri is often raw, the toppings don't have to be. 


Maki is a rolled sushi. It consists of a filling wrapped in rice and then wrapped in nori. The filling can be made up of a lot of things, everything from seafood to vegetables and even cream cheese. A skilled sushi chef can make maki rolls that look like stained glass when they are cut, just by the use of the different fillings that are used and how they are placed. Maki rolls are what most people think of when they think of sushi. 


Uramaki is very similar to maki. A uramaki roll consists of the filling wrapped with nori and then wrapped up in rice. The outside may also be rolled in sesame seeds or some other seasoning. They may also come with a variety of sauces to try as well. An Americanized version of a uramaki roll is a California roll, which has cucumber and crab. 


Temaki could be described as a sushi ice cream cone. Instead of looking like the typical rolled sushi, it is rolled up into a cone. The insides of a temaki roll would be similar to what you would find in a uramaki or maki roll. 

There are millions of people outside of Japan who love sushi. Not everyone knows that there are different kinds and just kind of lump everything together. However, there are many different styles of sushi and many different fillings. It's even possible to find sushi that is made with beef or chicken and not seafood. To learn more about your sushi options, check out restaurants like Tanpopo Japanese Restaurant in your area.


25 April 2017

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