Planning A Wine Tasting Trip? 4 Tips To Help Everything Go Great


If you love wine, a wine tasting trip will be a lot of fun for you. First, choose an area that has a lot of wineries. Once you do this, you can then start to plan your trip. Below are four tips to help you get started so everything will go great.

1. Come Prepared

If you plan to purchase some wine bottles, you need to be prepared for them. Contact a wine store in your area and ask if they have empty boxes. In most cases they will, and they will often give you the boxes for free. This will keep your wine bottles separated so they do not break.

If it is the summertime, you do not want the wine bottles to sit in a hot car. This may change the taste of the wine or completely ruin the wine. To prevent this from happening, purchase small ice packs that will fit in the boxes close to the bottles of wine.

2. Dump it Out

As you walk through the winery, you will notice there are buckets around the area. These buckets are for you to dump wine that you do not like. For example, if you ask for a certain type of wine and do not like the wine after tasting it, you can simply dump the liquid in the bucket. These buckets have also been called spit buckets because some people may hate the wine enough to spit it out of their mouth into the bucket. The winery owners do not look down upon this as they know not everyone likes the same kind of wine.

3. Charge Fees for Tasting Wine

Most wineries have a tasting fee that you will have to pay before you can taste their wine. This fee is generally inexpensive, depending on the winery you are visiting. Once you pay the fee, you will be allowed to taste a certain number of pours of wine.

You will also be given a wine glass. When you finish tasting, ask the winery if you can keep the glass or if you should return it to them.

4. Bring Snacks and Food

You will find that many wineries do not offer meals. They may offer things like a plate with cheese and crackers or other types of snacks. Because of this, bring along snacks with you, as well as a lunch. Most wineries will have areas for you to eat, such as picnic tables. This way you can enjoy your lunch while looking at beautiful scenery.

Talk with some Anderson Valley wineries that you plan to visit about this information. They can give you many more tips to help you plan your trip.


3 April 2018

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