Ideas For Making Your Kitchen Cleaner, More Organized, And More Efficient

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Kitchens accumulate a lot of stuff as time goes by. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you'll likely want to have easy access to the stuff you need without creating a mess to do it. Here's a few tips that can help you to keep your kitchen clutter free and easier to navigate.

Divide Your Kitchen Into Zones

Consider creating specific zones in your kitchen. For example, you can place cooking utensils in one area, and serving items in another area. Ideally, you will want everything close to the place where you will use it.

Put your pots and pans in a cabinet or area closer to the stove. Companies like Custom Pot Rack can even help you hang them. Put your kitchen maintenance equipment such as bags and cleaning supplies closer to the sink or dishwasher. This will go towards adding a great deal of efficiency to your kitchen. It will also give you a better overview of the items in your kitchen.

Once you're accustomed to the zones, you will take notice of things that aren't in their proper zone. This will prompt you to remove it and put it where it belongs to maintain the clutter-free look.

Find Ways to Use the Space You Have

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can likely find ways to improve how you store things in it.

Use a roll out pantry – If you have that gap between your refrigerator and the wall, then you can invest in a roll out pantry. It's a thin shelf that can fit that tight space.

You can store boxed and can goods on it, and slide it out of sight when not in use. You can even build your own roll out pantry if you're handy.

Use dividers, hooks, and inserts – Don't place all your cutlery and utensils haphazardly into a draw. Make use of draw inserts to keep your items organized. The same rules apply to your cabinets and refrigerator.

Make use of dividers and other things that can keep your things separated, easily accessible, and neat. For example, you can use a tension rod underneath your sink to hang all your spray bottles. You can also use hooks to hang things on the backs of cabinets and doors.

Get your spices under control – Spices accumulate rapidly. As you try new spices, or pick up extras of the spices you use most, they will start to clutter areas of your kitchen. You can have a whole cabinet full of spices.

A good way to deal with spices is to invest in a wall spice rack. This will keep your spices visible, easy to reach, and organized. If you find yourself always looking for a particular spice through a cabinet full of spices, you appreciate what a wall spice rack will do for you.

Don't let your kitchen become so cluttered that you find it a hassle to actually use and enjoy it. Consider a few of these tips and see what others you can find for your specific kitchen layout. 


19 April 2017

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