Keys To Having Success With Simple Vegan Cooking

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Being vegan means adopting an eating lifestyle that focuses on eating plant-based foods as opposed to animals and animal products. This lifestyle is adopted by many for several reasons. If you're switching to this type of diet and are starting to cook simple vegan meals for the first time, you can enjoy this process more by using a couple of strategies:

Find Ways to Add More Flavor

Vegan meals are those that are made up of plants, which could include things like seaweed, tofu, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach. As you switch on over to vegan cooking, it might take some time to get used to these new tastes.

You can compensate by figuring out ways to add more flavor to your vegan meals. Then they'll have distinct tastes that will be more memorable. You could add spices and sauces for example. Just make sure you stick to vegan-based flavoring methods that you know you'll like in the beginning. Then you can start experimenting more with time.

Cook Vegetables in Different Ways

Once you gather a group of vegetables you want to cook for a vegan meal, realize that there are more ways to prepare them besides conventional steaming. Experimenting a bit with these cooking methods can help you find new flavors and experiences that are completely novel.

For instance, you could slow-roast your vegetables in an oven to give them unique textures. Or you could let them simmer in a pot with other ingredients and food items. You just want to change up your cooking methods with vegetables to see what's possible with flavors. 

Focus on the Foundational Ingredients First

When you first start cooking vegan foods for yourself or a family, you may not know what you like. It's thus best to start with the basic ingredients as a foundation that you gradually build upon once you find out what you and others like.

Some foundational ingredients for vegan cooking include olive oil, flaxseed, vinegar, and salt. These ingredients are simple, but they can give plant-based meals a lot more flavor that packs a bigger punch. This is key for the first couple of vegan meals you prepare. 

Vegan cooking can have a lot of great benefits for those that are willing to give it a try, including physical and mental benefits. You just need to focus on simple meals that have ingredients you're fond of. Then you'll be able to create vegan meals that the whole family loves. To get started, look for some 5 ingredient vegan cooking recipes, such as those found at


7 September 2021

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