Beef Dishes to Order at An Italian Restaurant

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When you think of Italian food, you may first think of pasta dishes. Indeed, pasta is a key element of Italian cuisine — but it's not everything. Italians eat more than just pasta. In fact, Italian cuisine also includes some pretty incredible beef dishes that are worth ordering the next time you are out.


Braciole is a traditional Italian dish that's basically rolled, stuffed beef. Usually, it is made with a tough cut of beef like flank steak or bottom round. The steak is pounded thin, stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs, and then simmered in a rich tomato sauce for several hours. This makes the tough beef tender, and it infuses the sauce with lots of flavor from the cheese, beef, and breadcrumbs. Braciole is really filling and hearty, making it a good choice for a cool, winter evening.

Coda alla Vaccinara

Coda alla vaccinara is a braised oxtail stew. If you've never eaten oxtail before, you might be a little intimidated — but there's no reason to be. Oxtail is tender and delicious, and it tastes similar to a pot roast. In this Italian dish, the oxtail is braised with red wine, pancetta, tomatoes, carrots, and various other veggies and herbs. The stew is sometimes served over polenta or with a generous side of Italian bread.


Carpaccio is a traditional Italian appetizer that consists of thinly sliced and pounded raw beef. The beef is topped with good olive oil, herbs, and sometimes other garnishes like sundried tomatoes and arugula. While the idea of eating raw beef may seem a little strange at first, this dish truly is incredible. The combination of textures from the beef and toppings makes eating it an indulgent experience. Order a plate for the table, and enjoy.

Carbonade Valdostana

Carbonade valdostana is a hearty beef stew from Northern Italy. It's made with tough chunks of beef that become tender when simmered for hours. Seasoned with juniper berries and cloves, it has a distinct flavor that really sets it apart from other beef stews. There are often onions incorporated into the dish, but no other vegetables. Carbonade valdostana is often served over polenta, and occasionally mashed potatoes.

The next time you are at an Italian restaurant, keep your eyes out for these beef dishes. Each one has its own unique characteristics, and they are all worth trying. You just might discover your new favorite Italian meal. 


25 March 2022

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