The Perks Of Buying Whole-Bean Coffee For Your Morning Brew

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Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee to get your day off to a good start? If so, you may struggle at times to pick between coffee that is already ground and whole-bean coffee. While whole-bean coffee can take an extra step to prepare in the mornings, it can be one of the more desirable choices for anyone who truly appreciates coffee. Check out a few advantages of buying whole-bean coffee instead of ground coffee.  

Whole-Bean Coffee Offers a Longer Shelf Life 

If you like to buy your favorite bag of coffee in bulk to save money or trips to the store, whole-bean is a better option. In general, coffee has a longer shelf life when it is in its whole-bean form and in a sealed package. Therefore, you can pick up your favorite bag of whole-bean coffee, use what you need as you need it, reseal the package, and enjoy the fresh flavor for quite some time. By contrast, if you buy already-ground coffee beans, the shelf life may not be that long and freshness automatically depletes once the bag is open. 

Whole-Bean Coffee Offers a Better Flavor Profile 

Coffee always tastes fresher when it is freshly ground. When coffee is ground by the manufacturer, they take steps to seal that freshness into the ground pieces of beans. For example, you may buy a bag and notice that it is vacuumed packed, and completely sealed. While these efforts are not in vain, they can't compare to the freshness you get when you grind your own beans. When the beans are first broken down, aromatic oils and flavor molecules are distributed. These molecules can evaporate after the coffee is exposed to oxygen for long periods. 

Whole-Bean Coffee Allows for Flexibility in the Preparation

Are you planning to make an espresso? Maybe you are planning to make a cup of coffee with a french press. These are situations that call for having your coffee ground to a certain consistency to achieve the best possible outcome. When you pick up pre-ground coffee beans, you don't have any control over the coarseness of the granules. This can make all the difference when using coffee to make certain kinds of drinks. By contrast, if you pick up a bag of whole-bean coffee, you can use your own grinder to create your ideal coarseness. 

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3 February 2023

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